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  Zhejiang Donghong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd located in Shipu port,was established on July 2004 with 110 million registered capital.Original Xiangshan Pudong Shipyard and Xiangshan Qihang Shipyard were established in the nineties and it has the experience of shipbuilding and repairing ships for 15 years. With the development of shipping market, the company newly invests 450 million RMB in two phases . And it covers an area of more than 450,000 m2 , over 625 meters of coastline and 10 meters deep water frontier . It has one 50,000 metric tons dry dock abuilding ,two completed slipways of 50,000 metric tons , 10 slipways from 20,000 metric tons to 80,000 metric tons, two outfitting quays of 50,000 metric tons with plates cutting capacity for 200tons per day and annual shipbuilding capacity of over 400,000 metric tons.
      The comprehensive office building has an area of 10,000m2 with complete set of office facilities. It has 10,000m2 of material store, 30,000m2 of material yard, 25,000m2 of block shop, 60,000m2 of block space, 100,000m2 of block yard , 5,000 m2 of paint workshop, 3,500m2 of plasma numerically controlled cutting workshop, 10,000m2 of coldworking shop, 4,000m2 of metal processing workshop,10,000m2 of pipe processing workshop, 2,000 m2 of machinery workshop, 1,000 m2 of electrical fitting workshop, 1,000 m2 of woodworker workshop, allocated various lathes, planers, drillers, millers, boring lathe, grinders, press machines,shearing machines, edge planners, plate benders,rolling machines, forming press, frame forming machines, oil (water) press as well as 4,000kw of distribution substation, 4,000kw of power station , 15 tower cranes, 8 truck cranes of 16-50 metric tons, 4 gantry cranes of 200 metric tons, 10 gantry cranes of 150 metric tons, 2 platform lorries of 100 metric tons. There also has various co2 protected welder, automatic submerged-arc welding machine,automatic cutting machine,AC/ DC welder,dry oven, air compressor,ultrasonoscope, X-rays flaw detector,electronic theodolite,explosimeter, watertight measuring device, etc.
   Our company has rich culture and abundant technology with over 20 senior engineers, 30 engineers, over 200 professional technicians, and more than 2000 employees. It has the ability to build ships under 75,000 metric tons.
  Our company carries out industry standards seriously with enterprising spirit of “pioneer and invent, advance with times” and quailty policy of “be faithful and pragmatic,nomative management,continuous improvement and customer satisfaction”. It adopts the management philosophy of “market –oriented and customer-oriented”, complys with the management mode of ISM, intensifys business management, strictly implement various management system.And it has passed ISO9001:2000 of quality control certification system in 2005 and perfect all kinds of management systems constantly by 5S management training. It has been devoted to building all kinds of ships upon approval of international class like CCS/RS/BV etc and province class like ZC and enterprise of firstlevel steel fishing boats approved by fishing industry department.
   What’s more, the company was awarded as “Potential Industrial Enterprise in Xiangshan County” from 2006 to 2007, “Powerful Enterprise in Xiangshan County in 2008”,“Empasis Training Enterprise in Xianshan County in 2009” , “Key Industrial Enterprise in Xiangshan County in 2010”. It was awarded as “AAA Honour Class Enterprise in Ningbo” for four years,“Honesty Enterprise in Xiangshan County and Ningbo Municipality”, “ Ningho Top ten of Shipbuilding Industry”, “Ningbo Shipbuilding Key Enterprise”, “President Enterprise of Xiangshan Ship Association”, “Vice President Enterprise of Ningbo Association” and “ Administrative Vice President of Ningbo Fishing Boats Association”.
   Main ships as following : 4,500T Mpp (Dongfang 21); 5,500T Mpp (Donghong 12,exported to Malaysia) ; 4,500T Mpp (Taiyangsheng 7); 3,150T bulk carriers(Dongli 1 ,Dongli 2 and Dongli 3); 10,000T Mpp(Yongxing 6); 7300T Mpp(Donghong 18, exported to Ukraine); 10,000T bulk carrier (Yongxing 6); 5,000T Mpp (Donghong 128); six bulk-carriers of 900T; 5,500T Mpp (exported to Southeast Asia); 12,000T Mpp (Yongxing 12); 13,000T bulk carrier (Beikunlun);9,000 Mpp(Zhongninghai 2);4,000T oil tankers(Zhenyang 18,Zhenyang 16);4,990T oil tankers(Panlianyou 18); 3,600T oil tanker(Rongfa 6);4,500T oil tanker(Nanhe 3);9,700T oil tanker(Nanhe 28);11,000T Mpp(Donghong 1,Donghong 2,Donghong 3,exported to Russia);13,000 bulk carriers (Donghong 5,Donghong 6, exported to South Korea);23,000T bulk carrier(Meishangang 53);17,000T bulk carrier (Meishangang 17); 7300T Mpp(Donghong 81,exported to Russia);2,500T bulk carrier(Donghong 7);17,000T bulk carrier(Huaxuda 1); 5,000T bulk carrier(Jinhangda);22,800T bulk carrier(Zhenyanghai 1); 20,500T bulk carrier(Hailong);14,000T bulk carrier(Haihongda);18,000T bulk carrier(Huixin 2); 13,000 bulk carrier (Donghong 9,exported to Italy); 16800T bulk carriers ( Donghong 11,Donghong 12,Donghong 13,exported to Russia),16500T bulk carrier(Hongxiang 98),27200T bulk carrier(Xinglongzhou 588), 98 passengers/16 cars ferry (Zhexiang Qidu 10); 158 passengers /16 cars ferry (Zhexiang Qidu 5, CCS class );oceaneering ships(Boxianggong 2, Boxianggong 9, Xinyugong 1);3500m3 dredger (Donghong 121);more than 50 steel fishing boats.
   Abuilding ships: five bulk carriers of 20,800T with CCS class(CSR);two bulk carriers of 13,000T; two bulk carriers of 13,500T; 20,500T bulk carrier ,800TEU container and 52,000T bulk carrier with CCS class(CSR).
   Thanks so much for your love and care to our company. Deveoplment of our company needs your support as always.Cooperation with is our great honor and serving you better is persistent pursuit of our company. Let’s make progress together and create a better future with you.